Ruby Manor

A social experiment

Everyone says the best part of a conference is hanging out the foyer (that's 'lobby' for the benefit of the colonials). But would you really pay £500 to do that? (That's $16,532,742, too).

If we were going to put on a conferencey thing, it'd need to be:

Affordable — £12, any profits go behind the bar
So you don't have to beg your employer to pay for the ticket, and cheap enough that we'd happily pay for it ourselves;
Transparent — help shape the organisation from the very start
You've had a chance to participate in the development of the programme from the very beginning, rather than hoping some of the talks were relevant based on the title alone;
Relevant — Collaborate with speakers earlier
No war story presentations that leave you wondering why you bothered getting out of bed so early.

… and it would be at ULU London, on the 22nd of November 2008.

Here are the Videos!